How about Cleancharm home laser epilator? Review from users


How is the effect of Cleancharm home laser epilator ?

For the majority of female friends with normal hair volume, the depilatory effect of the Cleancharm home laser epilator is good. Basically, 4 to 5 times will remove most of the hair, and after several times of hair removal, the hair will become fine. But like other photon hair removal instruments, you must stick to it to see the effect. After all, the effect gradually emerges as the hair follicle gradually inactivates, and there is no immediate effect.

How is the photon epilator effect?

Cleancharm home laser epilator belongs to the photon hair removal instrument, also known as the color light hair removal instrument. Photon epilators use the principle of selective photothermolysis of intense pulsed light to achieve the depilation effect. The hair follicle melanin absorbs light of a specific wavelength and then disintegrates, causing hair loss during the growth period. Although the energy of the photon hair removal device is not as strong as the laser hair removal device, the hair removal treatment is not as fast as the laser, but it is superior to the laser hair removal device.

Cleancharm home laser epilator light speed

The exit speed of the net charm laser hair removal device is still relatively fast, and the light exiting speed in the common hair removal device can be regarded as fierce and fast. This current is also relatively large, can be played 10 times, the light speed is relatively fast, and the instrument life is 150,000 flashes.

Cleancharm home laser epilator instrument lighting area

There are two kinds of light exits for the special hair removal instrument of Ms. Jingmei, which can accurately locate small areas by illuminating a large area. The hair removal device on the market should be considered too large, so that the speed of the arm and leg can be faster. A separate head for the thicker hair of the fingers, lips, and hard to remove, the design is quite intimate.

Pain analysis:

If used in thicker hair, it will feel a little more noticeable than other areas. There is no obvious pain in the underarm hair removal, and other feelings are not obvious.

Ease of use analysis:

Cleancharm home laser epilator is small in size, the rabbit shape is cute and not easy to fall off, and the young ladies are very convenient to operate.

Special function analysis:

Cleancharm home laser epilator can also use the 2 degree ice application function. After the ice application function is opened, it will become cold. It will be very comfortable to apply immediately after the irradiation, helping to relieve the irritation.