Can the Cleancharm Epilator remove the hair forever?



Can the Cleancharm Epilator remove the hair forever? The answer is no.

Cleancharm Epilator is a pulsed light epilator. This technique only inactivates the hair follicles. The remaining hair follicles enter dormancy but do not allow the hair follicles to die. The Cleancharm Epilator only makes the hair less and less, but it works better than other epilators. A physical electric hair removal device or plucking device simply removes the hair outside the epidermis and does not remove the hair from the hair follicle forever.

How often does the laser hair removal device use?

The number of times the sisters use the household hair remover can be adjusted according to the course of treatment. Generally speaking, the first three months are the adaptation period of hair removal. These three months can be used with the household hair removal device according to the frequency of once every two weeks. After the three-month adaptation period, it is the stable period of the hair removal effect, once a month, and then for three months. After six months, the entire hair removal treatment was basically completed, and the hair removal industry has been able to see the effect more clearly.