Can a home laser epilator be used to shave?



The Cleancharm Home Laser Epilator is designed for women, and it can of course be used by men to shave, but we don't recommend it.

The man's beard is a symbol of maleity and belongs to the second sexual characteristic. It is based on androgen. Repeated use of Cleancharm home laser hair removal device, can not permanently eradicate the beard (because the male's male hormone is constantly secreted, so the beard will always grow). If a man wants to permanently eliminate his beard, we recommend other ways than the Cleancharm home laser epilator.

There is a razor, why use an epilator? And the beard is also a manifestation of male charm, many girls like men with beards! They think that men with a lot of hustle and bustle are especially sexy. Then use your razor! Your beard is yours! Of course, if... you are Gay, then maybe the laser epilator is really for you.