Is the laser epilator useful?



Is the Cleancharm ladies epilator effect good?

We talk about the use of the epilator and ease of use. What I want to tell you here is that the Cleancharm epilator is a pulsed light epilator, and the laser will have a slight burning sensation on the surface of the skin. Women who are afraid of pain are better off starting from the lowest gear and gradually adapting.


The method of using the lady's epilator must first scrape the hair below 1mm.

Every time you use a household hair removal device, you need to first scrape the long hair that needs to be removed from the hair to 1mm or less. This step is the same as the procedure for hair removal in the hospital. This step is also called "preparation". If this step is omitted, the long body hair may be burnt or twisted by the energy of the household hair removal device, just like curls. That would be equivalent to hair removal without effect. Therefore, it is a necessary step to use the hair removal knife to remove the hair removal site before using the household hair removal device.