How long does it take for a woman's home epilator to achieve a whitening effect?


How often does the lady's household epilator use? Many women prepare for a short skirt before the summer, using a household epilator. So, how often does it take to get a better hair removal effect? Cleancharm epilator is recommended based on actual conditions.


The frequency of use of the pulsed light epilator can be adjusted according to the course of treatment. Generally speaking, the first three months are the adaptation period of hair removal, and the three months are used once every two weeks. After three months, it is a stable period of hair removal effect. It can be used once a month, and then it can be maintained for three months. After six months, the entire hair removal treatment is basically completed, and the whitening effect can be achieved.

Depending on the total number of individual hairs

The number of times the home laser hair removal device is effective depends on the total number of body hairs of each person. If you are a girl with a particularly heavy hair, then the home hair removal device will last more often than the hairless.

Different depending on the hair removal site

The number of hair removals is generally different depending on the site of hair removal because hair from different parts has different responses to treatment. Generally, the mane, leg hair, and arm hair need to be depilated 8-10 times. It takes about 12 times for the person with thin lip hair to remove the lip hair (the hair of different parts has different reaction to the treatment). This is more than the average number of times the hospital's hair removal device will last. You must be patient, because the household hair removal device can only be used to see the effect.