product information

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Brand introduction

Cleancharm is a professional ladies epilator manufacturer, convinced that the charm of women can be shaped by advanced instruments. In the past eight years, we have combined the advanced technology of China, Japan, South Korea, Israel, the United States and other countries to develop an epilator that can easily remove hair at home.

Use benefits

Using Cleancharm's home pulsed light epilator, it can achieve ice-free painless hair removal, no need to go to the beauty salon, lower prices, less time wasted, avoiding sputum, avoiding appointments, and avoiding pain.

Technical principle

Cleancharm ladies epilator uses IPL technology to illuminate the roots of the hair below the surface of the skin, thereby delaying the growth of the method and reducing the density of the trade. Continuous use can make the rough hair fluffy, and finally until the skin is smooth.


Cleancharm painless epilators are especially effective for long-term use in hair, so shave before use. After shaving, the hair is actively produced from the roots, and the concentration of melanin is the highest. Melanin determines the thickness and color of the hair. At this stage, the melanin in the hair is very sensitive to light, so the growth stage of the hair is the best period of illumination.

Auxiliary lamp head introduction

The Cleancharm laser epilator has two accessory heads that can be self-installed and removed, and mounted close to the head. A small area of the illuminating lamp can be used for small areas of the human body (such as the lips). The skin rejuvenation lamp can be used to consolidate the hair after it has been removed, and to make the skin smoother and smoother.

Ice care

While using Cleancharm for hair removal, press the ice button to turn on the ice mode. At this time, a snowflake mark appears on the LCD screen, and it can be depilated while ice is applied. The net charm is 90° perpendicular to the skin surface, and it is gently attached to the skin for skin care. The ice-sensing mode does not require setting the temperature. In the process of use, if the light-emitting port is in front, the light is applied after the light is applied; if the light-emitting port is behind, the light is applied after the ice is applied.

Use cycle

Weeks 1-4, 1-2 times a week;

Weeks 5-8, once every 1-2 weeks;

After the 8th week, use once every half month or one month.

Ladies can increase or decrease the number of times according to their actual hair removal.

It is recommended to apply moisturizing aloe vera cream or other moisturizing skin care products after using the Cleancharm Laser Epilator for hair removal. Avoid touching hot water or near high temperature heat sources within 12 hours.